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iTungsten buy all types Tungsten Scraps including scrap carbide and carbide grinding sludge. Scrap carbide in all forms are recyclable. Scrap carbide inserts and scrap carbide round tools; drills, end mills etc. provide the largest percentage of reclaimable material. Example of SCRAP CARBIDE ROUND TOOLS include End Mills, Drills, Reamers coated and uncoated. Example of MISCELLANEOUS SCRAP CARBIDE includes rolls, dies, wear parts, molds, compacts & saw tips. Upon receipt of material we will verify material and weight and send payment. Generally this will be no more than 48 hours. Items must be free of dirt, chips, oil, water or any foreign material. For larger shipments over 200 pounds call us, we can arrange a truck pickup. Call us for an immediate CASH offer @ +1 6466443049

We Buy ALL Grades of Tungsten Scraps - any shape, size or form and pay Top Dollars for

  • Fully-sintered tungsten (LPS WHA)
  • Mallory 3000
  • Mining compacts
  • solid tungsten pieces
  • Solid tungsten pieces (heavy metals)
  • Tungsten Carbide (WCNi & WCCo) & other parts
  • Tungsten Carbide Mills
  • Tungsten Grindings
  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy (max. 10% Fe & Ni)
  • Tungsten Shavings
  • Tungsten Turnings
  • WHA (max. 10% Fe & Ni)

IMP - We Don't Buy:

  • Copper-tungsten alloys
  • Solid state sintered tungsten (SSS WHA)


While we regularly process our own raw materials, we are also open to discussing toll agreements. In a typical agreement, you would send us your raw material and we would return a tungsten product of your specification.  Processing your secondary raw materials or tungsten ore into finished product can be advantageous for both parties.

Why sell your Tungsten Scraps?

  • iTungsten will pay Top Dollars for Tungsten Scraps
  • Tungsten Scraps to Powder conversion is done at the Offshore location, thus no harm to American environment
  • We deploy Best-in-Class-Technology while recycling to protect our earth and eco-system
  • We will recycle your scraps to Tungsten Trioxide Powder and Tungsten Metal Powder
  • iTingsten can also work with you to exchange your Tungsten Scraps with our top quality Tungsten Powder, thus giving you constant supply and competitive advantage

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Tungsten Carbide
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Tungsten turnings
Tungsten sludge
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These are the conditions governing sales by a.k.a. Bonsai America, Inc. Placing an order for Tungsten Powder shall constitute acceptance of these conditions of sale. iTungsten’s acceptance of the buyer’s order is expressly conditioned on the buyer’s assent to the terms and conditions stated herein. No addition to, waiver or modification of these terms and conditions shall be binding on unless expressly agreed to in writing by iTungsten, and such writing states that it supersedes these Terms and Conditions in that regard.

1. Payment

Domestic: Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of shipment with no cash discount or retention allowed. The payment terms set forth herein are subject to buyer maintaining a mutually acceptable credit arrangement with iTungsten. Overdue payments will bear interest at the lesser rate of 1½% per month or the rate permitted by applicable law. iTungsten reserves the right to withhold any or all shipments to the buyer if any amount owed by buyer to iTungsten is more than 10 days past due. In the event of such a default, iTungsten shall not be under any obligation to ship until all outstanding invoices are paid regardless of whether some of the outstanding invoices are not yet past due.

International: Payment terms are by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit (LOC) or cash in advance unless a line of credit has been established.

2. Price

The most current iTungsten Price List supersedes all previous price lists. All prices expressed are F.O.B. factory and/or warehouse including standard iTungsten packaging of material. iTungsten reserves the right to adjust prices for current costs in effect at the time of shipment. Orders placed are subject to a minimum quantity or dollar amount.

3. Order Entry

A. Written Orders must be submitted to iTungsten by the buyer. Orders shall be directed to the Customer Service Department or or for processing. iTungsten reserves the right to consider an order complete when shipped up to 10% over or under the quantity ordered.

B. Verbal Orderscannot be accepted.

C. Cancellations:Orders for Tungsten Powder from iTungsten may be cancelled by buyer no later than Four (4) weeks prior to shipment; however, iTungsten may charge a restocking charge on cancelled orders of up to 40% plus any expenses that have been incurred in manufacturing.

D. Order Acknowledgments: The acknowledgement acts as buyer’s confirmation that iTungsten is supplying the Tungsten Metal Powder ordered by the buyer. Any discrepancies from information confirmed in the acknowledgement will be buyer’s responsibility. It is the buyer’s responsibility to review iTungsten order acknowledgment and to make certain that it is correct in all particulars, then sign and return it within seven (7) days of the publication date on the acknowledgment form. Unreturned acknowledgments will be considered by iTungsten to be acceptable to buyer as printed, including, without limitation, the terms and conditions thereof. In the event of shortage of product, iTungsten reserves the right to allocate goods among its customers as it sees fit.

E. Revisions, Additions, or Deletions to an Ordermust be in writing and will be accepted if confirmed by iTungsten’s management team. An order may be revised by the buyer up to Four (4) weeks prior to the acknowledged ship date. Revisions submitted within Four (4) weeks of the acknowledged ship date may result in the buyer’s order being rescheduled with the current production lead time for the products ordered. All revision requests will be addressed on an individual basis. Revisions will become valid when confirmed in writing by buyer.

F. TOLLING: Orders for processing chemicals, metals, fabricated parts, assemblies, or other items using Buyer supplied material are accepted subject to the delivery of the material at the time, in the amount and in dimensions as specified by Seller, FOB Seller factory. Buyer shall furnish satisfactory material, and if it is necessary for Seller to inspect, gauge or rework such material, it shall be at the Buyer's expense. Material so provided by Buyer shall be delivered FOB Seller factory in such quantities as will permit continuous operation. Production will be started only when in Seller's sole judgment sufficient material is in Seller's possession to warrant setting up equipment. Title and risk of loss to the Buyer-supplied material shall remain with the Buyer from date of delivery to Seller's factory until delivery of the processed goods to Buyer. Buyer shall provide such insurance and proof thereof as Seller may reasonably require. Buyer shall comply will all applicable laws, customs regulations, or shipping requirements that apply to Buyer-supplied material and shall indemnify, defend and hold Seller harmless from any liability, losses, damages, penalties or claims arising from the actual or alleged violation of such laws, regulations or shipping requirements.

4. Shipment and Acceptance

QUANTITIES: Purchase order requirements are subject to a variation of 10% over or under the quantity specified and performance will be considered complete on that basis. If price is stated in terms of unit quantity, the total contract price will be adjusted to conform to the quantity delivered. Seller assumes no further liability for variations.

iTungsten will confirm an order’s ship date in writing prior to delivery of Tungsten Metal Powder. Buyer-initiated shipment delays beyond three (3) business days of the acknowledged ship date may result in buyer’s order being rescheduled with the current production lead time for the products ordered, buyer’s order being shipped by iTungsten at buyer’s expense, or buyer’s order being stored at buyer’s expense. Buyer’s acceptance shall occur upon delivery, unless buyer advises iTungsten in writing within (7) seven days from receipt of the products by buyer that the products do not conform to buyer’s specifications.

5. Delivery and Freight

Delivery to the carrier at point of shipment shall constitute delivery to the buyer and the buyer shall assume all risk for subsequent loss or damage. Shipments will be made “freight collect” or “bill 3rd party”, with instructions to the carrier to send freight bills to the buyer at its main office. The carrier will be instructed to notify buyer 24 hours prior to delivery, unless otherwise directed. iTungsten cannot guarantee delivery by a common carrier on any specific date. Buyer is responsible for the validation of all freight rates. On international shipments, iTungsten will notify the buyer of shipment from its plant and shall communicate the details of shipment as communicated by the carrier to iTungsten.

6. Taxes

Buyer agrees to provide iTungsten with its assigned tax exemption number, if applicable, and agrees to pay all applicable sales, use, excise, value added or other similar taxes arising from the sale by iTungsten to buyer in addition to the purchase price.

7. Delays

iTungsten will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship promptly, but will not be liable in any manner for delays or inability to ship for any reason.

8. Returns

No product returns will be accepted unless first approved in writing by iTungsten. All returned products must be shipped freight prepaid because collect shipments will not be accepted. If the returned products are standard products in a first class condition, buyer will be re-credited at the invoice amount less a 30% restocking charge. Non-standard products may not be returned. If the returned products are not in a first class condition, then iTungsten reserves the right to refuse to accept the return and to reship the product to buyer at buyer’s cost.

9. Claims

All claims regarding lost, damaged or delayed shipments should be reported to the common carrier involved. The settlement of such claims is between the buyer and the common carrier. Claims for short shipments should be reported to iTungsten immediately and confirmed in writing.

10. Choice of Laws; Forum; Enforcement

All orders shall be construed and the rights of the parties interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey without regard to the conflicts of law thereof. The parties agree that any dispute arising under this order shall be brought in such New Jersey State court or federal court as has subject matter jurisdiction. iTungsten shall be entitled to recover from buyer all of its cost and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) in enforcing its rights to payment.

11. Termination

iTungsten may cancel this order in whole or in part, by written notice if (a) buyer becomes insolvent or makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, (b) a petition is filed or proceedings are commenced against buyer under any bankruptcy or similar laws, or (c) buyer defaults in the performance of any of its obligations under this order or any other order between buyer and iTungsten, and iTungsten reserves all rights with respect to such.

12. Limitation of Actions and Liability

Any action arising out of or in any way connected with the products or services furnished by iTungsten must be brought by buyer within two (2) years from the date the of sale or the applicable statute of limitations, whichever is shorter. Under no circumstances will iTungsten’s liability exceed the purchase price paid by buyer for the iTungsten products.

13. Limited Warranty

 Except as stated below, iTungsten warrants that all products manufactured and supplied by iTungsten to buyer will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of six (6) months from the date of shipment, except that failure to make a weathering claim within fifteen (15) days from receipt of product shall be deemed a waiver of buyer’s right to make such a claim. iTungsten warrants components supplied by others and incorporated into the iTungsten products only to the extent of the express warranties made by the suppliers of such components. This limited warranty extends only to the original end user purchaser of iTungsten products and does not cover normal wear and tear of parts or damage or loss resulting from misuse, accident, neglect, improper installation or maintenance. In order to qualify for this warranty coverage, buyer must incorporate, use and maintain the iTungsten products strictly in accordance with the instructions and recommendations contained in iTungsten’s literature. If buyer claims that the iTungsten products do not conform to this limited warranty, it must, at iTungsten’s option, either return the defective Powder  or Part(s) to iTungsten with freight or other transportation costs prepaid or allow iTungsten’s personnel to inspect the iTungsten products at the site of their installation or use. If, after inspection, iTungsten determines that the iTungsten products do not conform to this limited warranty, iTungsten in its sole discretion will choose to (a) repair the iTungsten products without charge to buyer, (b) replace the iTungsten products without charge to buyer, or (c) repay the purchase price to buyer. The warranty period for repaired or replaced components shall be the remainder of the original warranty period.



14. Force Majeure

iTungsten is not liable or responsible for delay or failure to perform any of iTungsten’s obligations under this order occasioned by any causes beyond iTungsten’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, a labor dispute, industry disturbance, fire, unusually severe weather conditions, terrorist act, earthquakes, floods, declared or undeclared war, epidemics, computer malfunctions, civil unrest, riots, lack of supplies, raw materials, delay in transportation, governmental, regulatory or legal action or act of God.

15. Export Control

Buyer agrees to comply with all U.S. export & import regulations which control the Products – Tungsten Powder & Services, it purchases from iTungsten.

16. Limitation of Liability

Buyer understands and agrees that in no event shall iTungsten be liable to buyer or to any third party for any incidental, special, consequential or other similar damages arising, directly or indirectly, out of or occasioned by the purchase, use, installation, repair, replacement of the iTungsten Products – Tungsten Powder & Services, whether such damages are based on a claim for breach of express or implied warranty, tortious conduct, or any other cause of action, whether or not foreseeable and whether or not iTungsten has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances will iTungsten’s liability exceed the purchase price paid by buyer for the iTungsten Products – Tungsten Powder & Services. BUYER SPECIFICALLY UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT ITS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY, TORTIOUS CONDUCT OR ANY OTHER CAUSE OF ACTION AGAINST ELMET IS THE REMEDY OF REPAIR, REPLACEMENT OR REFUND PROVIDED HEREIN.

17. Buyer’s Non-Infringement Warranty

Buyer represents and warrants to iTungsten that any Products – Tungsten Powder & Services or method of manufacture based either in whole or in part on a design, specification, or other instruction provided by buyer, do not, and shall not, infringe, misappropriate or violate any patent, copyright, trademark, trade name, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of any third party. This warranty, and buyer’s obligation set forth below concerning indemnification shall be controlling over any provision of any other contract or form, including any provision or disclaimer included in buyer’s purchase order or the like.

18. Indemnification

Buyer hereby agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, pay and reimburse and hold iTungsten and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, losses, liabilities, damages and/or expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) (collectively, “Losses”) arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with (i) the gross negligence and/or willful wrongful acts of buyer and/or any its affiliates and any of their respective officers, employees and agents, (ii) any material breach of buyer’s representations, warranties, or covenants made to iTungsten or other obligations of buyer hereunder, (iii) the design, manufacture, storage, supply, sale and/or distribution of buyer’s products and/or services, including, without limitation, Losses in respect of the injury or death of any person (whether or not caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of iTungsten), or (iv) the actual or alleged infringement, misappropriation or violation of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade name, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of any third party by any product or method of manufacture based either in whole or in part on a design, specification, or other instruction provided by buyer.

19. Entire Agreement

No terms and conditions other than those stated herein, and no agreement or understanding in any way purporting to modify these terms or conditions, shall be binding on iTungsten without iTungsten’s written consent.

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“We have worked with iTungsten in past and find the company and its management team as professional and reliable. What makes iTungsten an attractive vendor is that they are Integrated global firm with ability to buy all our Tungsten Scraps and exchange them with quality Tungsten Trioxide and Tungsten Metal Powder. They guarantee supply, scale & price advantage, thus we highly recommend iTungsten.”

- VP of Procurement
A leading Tungsten Product & Allow Company, USA

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